The Merger of Electracom Projects and Trusol

We are happy to announce the union of two companies committed to world class converged building services, as well as business optimisation and support. Electracom Projects has merged with Trusol to offer a truly comprehensive technology management solution for every business, building, and venue.

With the full support of the shareholders of Ikan Projects Limited, and with the help of the superb legal team at Moorcrofts Corporate Law (led by corporate partner Teri Hunter), the merger was officially announced on the 24th of May, 2021.

The Power of the New Team

By working together under the Electracom Projects banner, the new team will be able to provide end to end service and support functions in the building management sector.

As has always been the case, Electracom will provide modern solutions for building & energy management systems, automated controls, data cabling, and electrics. The addition of the Trusol team will allow them to add converged network solutions, audio visual (AV) and IT supportoffered as SMART building enablement to developers, building owners, landlords, management agents and tenants.

By utilising a full suite of support, monitoring, and reporting tools, the unified Electracom team can now offer a new level of building management: Smart climate and lighting automation, combined with full network monitoring and user assistance. This means the support team can handle everything from energy optimisation, to multimedia presentation assistance, to climate control adjustments, to server room monitoring, to user helpdesk functionality across every internal tech resource.

The security features of an Electracom smart building have also been enhanced. In addition to tying in the client’s preferred security systems and implementing the automated measures meant to keep the building safe outside of normal business hours, network asset control and firewall monitoring can be implemented. This sends alerts to the remote IT management team and any on-call building staff when a pattern of network intrusion has been recognised.

That means every aspect of the OSI network model is covered under the new building and business support system, from physical access (Layer 1) all the way up to application level security (Layer 7), and everything in between. This ensures that corporate IT systems remain stable and accessible, and maximises the safety of any intellectual property moving across the network or sitting on local datastores.

Client Information

Clients of both companies will continue to receive the top tier service that they always have in the past. They can also inquire about incorporating the new full service building and IT management solutions that the unified Electracom team has to offer.

Clients can reach the project management team at 01753 882104, or E-Mail them at if they prefer. They will assess which additional services might be of use to each client on a case by case basis. If the analysis shows that the additional services on offer will save the client money and make their lives easier, the team will be more than happy to put together a comprehensive building, IT, and AV management plan for them to consider.

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